Tiny Chipmunk creates exclusively-designed, premium products for babies (and their parents). We’re proud to use bamboo, a natural material, which is also environmentally friendly. Bamboo is ultra-soft and light-weight, yet strong - making it the perfect choice for swaddling your baby.

Why Swaddle?

  • For thousands of years, mothers all over the world have swaddled their babies. Swaddling helps your baby to feel safe and secure and is a great way to soothe them. It can even help your baby sleep longer!

  • Swaddling is said to recreate the secure and cozy feeling of the womb. While being wrapped up tightly in a blanket might not sound appealing to parents, it can help babies sleep better and cry less. It also prevents unnecessary wakes ups due to the startle (moro) reflex.

How To Swaddle

  • 1. Place the swaddle in a diamond shape. Fold the top down to make a triangle. Place your baby in the centre with their shoulders just below the fold.

  • 2. Put your baby’s right arm next to their body, slightly bent. Pull the right side of the swaddle securely across your baby’s chest, keeping their right arm under the fabric. Tuck the swaddle under your baby, leaving their left arm free.

  • 3. Fold the bottom of the swaddle up and tuck in.

  • 4. Place your baby’s left arm next to their body, slightly bent. Wrap the remaining fabric over your baby's arm and chest. Tuck underneath your baby to secure.

Why we love bamboo

  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth (it can grow up to 4 feet a day) and requires no fertilisers, no pesticides, and very little water, compared to cotton.

  • The insulating properties of bamboo naturally help keep your baby stay warmer in cool temperatures and cooler in warmer temperatures.

  • It’s breathable and absorbs and evaporates moisture faster than any other fabric. It will also absorb your scent, which can help with your baby’s sleep.

  • The lack of chemicals used in the production process make it perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin.

  • It’s good for the environment (and your conscience too)!

  • It’s as soft as cashmere and doesn’t stick or cling to skin.

  • It’s naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and deodorising.

  • It’s UV resistant, so perfect for covering up your little one on a sunny day.

Our Story

I’m a big fan of swaddling (both my babies were swaddled until they started to roll and I’m sure they slept better as a result). I also love muslins (I use them for everything and always have them to hand) Tiny Chipmunk was born as I wanted to create high quality products that looked great, were functional, environmentally friendly and the best quality for your baby. It has to be something I would wrap my own baby in - and I’m proud that we’ve achieved this!

Bamboo seemed the obvious fabric choice, due to it’s unique qualities, natural softness and environmental credentials.

The blankets are enormous - which makes them easier to swaddle with, but also multi-functional.  I regularly use mine as a pram blanket, burp cloth and nursing cover.  It’s great to have something soft, familiar, clean and cosy to cover any surface you need to lie your baby on.

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