Tiny Chipmunk creates well designed, high-quality products for babies and children - that last and can be passed on from child-to-child.

Our products are all made of bamboo. It has amazing natural qualities and I truly believe it’s perfect for children.

Who I am and why I love bamboo


Mums CAN start a successful ecommerce business at home

Mums CAN start a successful ecommerce business at home

Why I believe we all have ideas inside us and are capable of turning them into a successful business.
Mums have the best ideas!

Mums have the best ideas!

Us Mums have all the best ideas right?! How often have you looked at something and thought ‘I’d improve that by…’?  Or had a great idea for something that doesn’t even exist.


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Introducing Chipmunk Coach

After blogging for the past few years, sharing my journey building this business, then expanding into providing consultancy and practical support for other online sellers, I’m so excited to share the launch of Chipmunk Coach.


Brought this as a present for my Great Nephew who is 8 months old.

Firstly, beautifully packaged which made it a great gift and looked more expensive than it is. Love the bamboo - sustainability and softness. Excellent quality and size - perfect for a toddler. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks Tiny Chipmunk :)