5 Reasons to Hire a Newborn Photographer

So you've a newborn arriving soon and you've toyed with the idea of a newborn photographer, but changed your mind with the notion that you can just take your own images. Or, if you're on a budget, perhaps you've considered enlisting a friend or relative who is a hobbyist with a 'good camera' who can do it at a great rate. But before you choose an amateur or a little DIY photography of your own baby, here are 5 reasons to consider hiring a professional newborn photography – you really do get what you pay for.


 1. Quality

Yes, you may have a DSLR or a pretty good phone on your mobile, but you'll not be able to match the quality you'll receive from a professional photographer. A newborn photographer will use all the correct settings to create crisp, clear focussed images that include details of your baby's eyelashes, lips, hairline, fingers, toes etc. The photographer's use of light, backdrops, photography equipment and editing skills will always surpass a mobile phone picture. Always.

 Sarah Hart newborn photography

2. Artistry

Each newborn photographer will have their own style of work and you must always choose a photographer based on the style you are most drawn to. That way you should receive images that you adore. By hiring a professional you're not just paying someone to 'take pictures', you're paying for the photographers artistic abilities. 

Your photographer will be able to create works of art that will look beautiful in your home. I ask my own clients what colours and tones they like and what colours they have in their own home so that the images will complement their home décor.  I've also invested heavily in a choice of fabrics, backdrops and props to help give choice to my clients and allows me to add creativity to my images.

Sarah Hart newborn photography

 3. Safety

We've all seem the Facebook 'Nailed It!' posts of babies plonked in buckets or face planted on a rug – parents who've no doubt taken these pictures of their babies with the intention of trying to create a professional's image they've seen on Pinterest. And whilst these are humorous, there's actually a safety aspect to newborn photography that many people don't at first consider. Photographers SHOULD (delve deeper and you will find many photographers calling themselves professionals have had no training in handling newborns) have received training as a newborn photographer.

DO make sure you check with your photographer before booking. I have trained with some incredible newborn photographers to learn how to safely transition babies through different poses. As a result, the babies look comfortable in my images (because they are).

If you spot a photographer's work where the baby doesn't look comfortable, the chances are, they won't have had training. When you invest in a professional newborn photographer you should be paying for their experience and knowledge they've gained from their training. 

 4. Family

Here's the thing, if you hire a professional you get to be in some of the images with your baby. Not just a quick snap of you feeding them with bags under your eyes and looking exhausted. Instead, you get images of your family unit, freezing this moment in time when your baby is still small enough to fit in your arms, that you'll get to cherish for many years to come. Plus, I can promise you that a professional photographer will make you look your best with great lighting and posing.

Sarah Hart newborn photography

 5. No Regrets

You always regret the things you don't do, rarely the things you do. I'm certain that my clients have never looked at their newborn's gallery and felt regret for their visit to my studio. However, I have had clients comment on how they wish they had found me earlier to photograph their little one as a newborn.

 Sarah Hart newborn photography


If you are local to Tonbridge, Kent and would like more information on booking a newborn photography session, you can visit Sarah Hart Photography's website: www.sarahhartphotography.com 


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