Planning a Baby Shower but don’t know where to start?

Jess Pearson, founder of Bonjour Baby Showers, reveals her top 5 baby shower planning tips guaranteed to make hosting a breeze.


1. Delegate tasks

Consider hosting a baby shower with friends and family to make the planning more enjoyable and manageable. Key elements that can easily be delegated include tracking the guest list, ordering and picking up a cake and flowers and also menu planning.

Make sure to also allocate tasks for the day, including capturing gorgeous photos of the event and documenting a list of the gifts given and by whom. These elements are often forgotten so make sure to delegate this in advance.

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2. Special Touches

There are lots of easy and inexpensive ways to add personal touches to a baby shower, that are guaranteed to delight the mum to be.

One of our go-to tips is to use old baby photos of the expectant mum, at the venue, to add a special touch to the celebration and provide a great talking point. Place the old photos on stands on each of the tables or create a beautiful photo garland, using string and pegs, for a unique backdrop for your photos.

Try to tailor all the elements of the day around the mum to be to ensure she feels as special as possible, from selecting her favourite food to a bouquet of flowers you know she loves, it’s the little touches that will make the biggest impact.

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3. Set Up Time

Try to arrive at least an hour and a half before the start of a baby shower to allow enough time to set up – it always takes longer than you anticipate. This should give you plenty of time to iron out any finishing touches, assemble decorations and liaise with the venue or prep and set up the food.

Always inflate the confetti balloons just before the event is about to start, as due to the weight of the confetti they have a shorter float time than normal balloons. If you do not plan on using helium, the balloons can be inflated earlier however, make sure to use a balloon pump as the warm air from your lungs can create condensation inside the balloons.

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4. Baby Shower Gifts

Opening gorgeous baby shower gifts is one of the highlights of the day but often the mum to be will receive a lot of duplicate items or several baby sleepsuits for a newborn.

A great way to avoid this is by organising a beautiful hamper of all the key essentials that the mum to be will need and love. This is a great way to spread the cost, as all guests can easily contribute towards this, regardless of budget.

Need some inspiration? Check out our Baby Shower Gift Guide for some brilliant ideas.

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5. Adequate Space

Ahead of the baby shower celebration, make sure to check whether you have enough space and chairs for the number of guests attending. If you are hosting at home, make sure to borrow or rent chairs in advance to avoid any last minute stress.

Designate an area for gifts and for the cake and if hosting at a venue, request extra tables as they will definitely come in handy.

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Check out Bonjour Baby Showers’ Baby Shower in a Box, packed full of sophisticated and luxury baby shower decorations and games. It is guaranteed to take the headache out of hosting an elegant baby shower celebration.

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The Baby Shower in a Box also comes with a FREE baby shower planning checklist (digital PDF) packed full of more ideas and tips.

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About the author:
Jess Pearson, founder of Bonjour Baby Showers created the Baby Shower in a Box to make hosting a beautiful baby shower a breeze. Established from the kitchen table in Cornwall, all of the products are exclusively designed in the UK and are guaranteed to save you time and effort.

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