Introducing our bamboo bowls and plates - plus a FREE recipe!

Have you seen our brand new products?

Last week our bamboo bowls and divider plates (both with strong suction!) went on sale.

They're designed to be simple, elegant and unisex.  Plus, like all our products, they'll last for years.

With no visible branding, once your child grows out of them, simply remove the suction and use as a beautiful bowl or plate for them or for yourself!

Perfect for weaning and beyond!

Looking for weaning recipes?

Let's face it, cooking for children is difficult enough, but cooking for the whole family is especially challenging! 

Luckily, Alex from Feed the Brood has shared a recipe from her 8-week meal plan for busy parents with us.

Alex Thurman Feed The Brood

Even if you're a skilled cook (which I certainly am not!), it can be tough to find the time and the meal ideas to suit everyone and make the most efficient use of your time.

Give this stunning recipe a try - you won’t believe how easy it is!  And it’s perfect for all the family too, as you can keep the pasta and sauce separate if you have a baby and want to spoon-feed the sauce and spare the mess. I always encourage the adults to add chilli oil or flakes on top for a kick of spice and sophistication. 

For only £19.99 you can buy Alex's masterplan and get an 8-week meal plan of 26 recipes with digital links to online shopping baskets and a guide to cooking less and eating more healthily as a family! Buy it now.

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